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 The following reasons have led us to make the decision to ground our «SUPER CONSTELLATION»

  • The development and manufacturing of the 24 wing flap rods have proven to be a lot more challenging than originally anticipated. It remains unclear how long it will take to complete the production of the parts. Additionally, they will have to undergo a FOCA certification process prior to being installed in the aircraft.
  • The wheels which were newly produced over the winter months were subject to functionality and vibration tests during which the brakes overheated, and the landing gear caught on fire. In spite of the Zurich airport fire brigades' quick response, damage occurred to the aircraft. All wheels, tires, and brakes will need to be replaced. Various landing gear components, such as hydraulic and electric motors need to be inspected thoroughly, and repairs and replacements will need to be made as necessary. Completing these inspections and repairs could take up to two months.

The board has carefully considered the present circumstances, and has come to the conclusion that commencement of the 2017 in the coming months will be highly unlikely. While this decision is regretful, it also draws with it grave financial consequences for our association. Without additional funds of approximately 1.5-2 million Swiss francs, our project will be unable to continue. With this letter, we are launching an emergency appeal called "Connie Fly"; we want to save the Breitling Super Constellation. It is our goal to get the "Star of Switzerland" off the ground and into the air once more.

Just as back in 2012, our Connie needs your support. There are various ways you could support our project. One of which would include to not request a refund of your 2017 membership dues. By allowing us to use your membership fees toward aircraft repairs, and by considering membership renewal in 2018, you would contribute greatly to our mission of saving the Breitling Super Constellation. Additionally, donations of any amount would be highly appreciated and welcome.

It is the board's intention to appeal to the public, and all Connie fans using various fundraising projects. The Connie shop will be set up at several events; we are considering organizing bus trips to destinations which we planned to visit by air. We will keep you informed about any plans and developments via email, and on our website.

We very much regret sharing this sad news with you. The board, and all SCFA team members will do anything in our power in order to get our Super Constellation to soar the European skies again in 2018. Please accept our sincere thanks in advance for your support.

We will raffle off 35x1 ticket for a 45 minute sight seeing flight on board the Connie among all people who make a financial contribution to the "Connie Fly" project.

With kind Connie regards


Markus Weishaupt                                                Arnold Freund
SCFA President                                                    Maintenance Director


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